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2024 Zonta Science Award winner

Updated: May 30

Dr Hadee Thompson-Morrison, Zonta Science Award 2024 winner

The Zonta Club of Wellington proudly announces Dr. Hadee Thompson-Morrison as the distinguished recipient of the esteemed Zonta Science Award for the year 2024. Dr. Thompson-Morrison's exceptional dedication to advancing scientific research, particularly in the realm of sustainable resource management and ecosystem conservation, has earned her this prestigious recognition.

As a passionate advocate for the sustainable management of natural resources and the conservation of unique ecosystems, Dr. Thompson-Morrison's academic career has been driven by a profound commitment to making a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

Dr. Thompson-Morrison's research plan focuses on further developing and applying a model she developed during her PhD studies at the University of Canterbury, which predicts the accumulation of trace elements in soils over time. This innovative model aims to safeguard soils against potentially toxic elements, and ensure effective nutrient composition, thereby enhancing soil fertility, crop growth, and human health. Through her proposed research, Dr. Thompson-Morrison seeks to advance understanding of biogeochemical processes in the soil-plant system, leading to improved agricultural practices and ecosystem health.

Dr. Thompson-Morrison is currently a researcher in soil health and environmental contaminants at Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research. In addition to her scientific endeavours, Dr. Thompson- Morrison is a staunch advocate for women in science and promotes healthy work-life balance within the scientific community. She actively engages in outreach activities to disseminate her research findings and communicate with diverse audiences, including media outlets, international universities, and community groups.

"I am deeply honoured to receive the Zonta Science Award and am grateful for the opportunity to further my research efforts," said Dr. Thompson-Morrison. "I am committed to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaborations that promote environmental sustainability and empower women in STEM fields."

Dr. Thompson-Morrison's dedication to excellence in scientific research, coupled with her passion for environmental stewardship and advocacy for women in science, exemplifies the values upheld by the Zonta Club of Wellington. The club extends its warmest congratulations to Dr. Hadee Thompson-Morrison on this well-deserved honour.



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