Scholarships & Awards

We empower women and girls through education

Zonta strives to raise the status of women through the empowerment of education. To meet this goal a number of scholarships and awards are offered both locally and internationally.

Young Woman in Public Affairs

The goal of the Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award Program is to encourage young women to participate in public affairs by recognizing the candidate’s commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership
achievements and a dedication to empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. 

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business

The JMK scholarship programme helps women pursue undergraduate and Master’s degrees in business management and overcome gender barriers from the classroom.

Zonta Women in Technology

Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarship is to encourage women to pursue education and opportunities and take on leadership roles in technology.

Zonta Science Award

The Biennial Zonta Science Award was established to further the status of women in scientific fields. The Award is for an emerging woman scientist (i.e., a recent PhD graduate rather than a woman well established in the science field).