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Introducing our MC for the International Women’s Day Breakfast at Parliament!

Asena Tolungamaka

Raised in South Auckland by Tongan parents who instilled the value of education in her, Asena stands out as an advocate and a leader for the Pasifika community.

It is clear that her Pacific heritage and love for her South Auckland community are the key driving forces in her desire to positively impact the world. With her awareness of the social issues that impact Pasifika communities in Aotearoa, as well as her academic studies and professional experience, Asena is pursuing a career in public policy leadership.

She is motivated by the desire to add value to the communities that she was raised in by making sure their voices are heard and needs are addressed.

Asena created Navigators of Success with Saia Mataele, a friend from law school.  Navigators of Success is an organisation that facilitates networking events with Māori and Pasifika students in mind. The organisation aims to reduce the opportunity gap for Māori and Pasifika people, especially in underrepresented sectors. Through Navigators of Success, Asena works to inspire diversity in political and policy decision-making.

Asena was awarded the Prime Ministers Pacific Youth Award for Leadership and Inspiration in 2018, testament to what can be achieved when you find strength in being exactly who you are.

We look forward to you joining us on Friday 8th March, in-person or online.

When we inspire inclusion, we create a better world for women. 

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*All tickets include a hot vegan breakfast

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